10 Businesses You Can Run and Own Without a Degree – Continuing Education Schools

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10. Janitorial Company

Companies that provide cleaning services in offices, schools and even hospitals. They make sure the area is kept clean and maintained. It is one of the easiest companies in the United States to open without having an undergraduate degree. However, it can be very lucrative. What’s more, there is no need for special abilities or degrees, only patience and a lot of work.

Method estimates that you could get anywhere between $35 000 upwards to $50 000 a year. It’s the best part that there is no need for capital-intensive equipment. Here are some tools that to consider.

Microfibre cloths./li>> Cleaners./li> Brush and mop./li• Protection gloves./li• Detergents./li>

There is no requirement to have an academic degree in business to make it in the field of entrepreneurship. There are several careers you can start right after high school, if you’re willing to work hard.

We’ve compiled a list of ten companies that do not require a degree but will offer you the best possibility to begin a successful company. With passion and driving desire, there is no reason that you cannot achieve your ambitions.