Can You Call a Bail Bondsmen at Anytime of the Day? – Rad Center

What exactly is an ail bondman? You can generally call an emergency bail bondman 24 hours any day of the week, including holidays, but in the absence of. But bail bonds companies and bail companies may have different timings. Some bail businesses may not be accessible at all times.

You should check websites for bail bond agents you’re considering as well as to check the hours they are available. Be sure to check for any additional charges for contacting bail bond companies outside of business times and during holidays. You may find that some bail agencies are charging extra fees on specific days or at specific timings.

Still, many bail agencies provide services 24/7. Bail bond applications are usually performed during working hours since judges usually set bail bonds for specific times. That said, you might have to find time up with cash or talk with a lawyer. Consider bailing people out of the weekend, or even late at night.

In light of these and other reasons, many emergency bail bondsmen are available for assistance on weekends, holidays, or during odd hours.