How Do Digital Vehicle Inspections Work? – Auto Trader California

Youtube Video “What’s the definition of a Digital Vehicle Inspection? (DVI). The video will provide all the information you need to know about the process that takes place to your vehicle once it is driven to an auto repair. Let’s find out more!

Vehicle inspections that use digital technology or inspections of vehicles do not require writing instruments and pen. Technicians use computers or tablets in order in order to compile a list of the things they need to check while reviewing the vehicle. They can then give the owner a complete outline of what’s needed as well as the rationale behind. Technicians can also capture photos as they inspect the vehicle to be included in their final report.

Because they can see the proof, customers and shop owners feel more secure. They also can be more organized in their work manner. In the past, technicians had present the problem the customer by visiting them and showing the car. Digital vehicle inspections avoid this problem. The process is much more effective this way. The rest of the video to get more details about the process of inspections.