How Do You Host Your Own Website? – InClue

The video explains how to host your website. The video gives details on howyou can, by using only your computer, you can provide hosting and server support on your site for no cost.

Websites are a fantastic place to have all of your information regarding your business in one place, more than a single-stop shopping. The website is usually the first thing visitors see about your business or you. So, it’s essential to have the website hosting piece right so your website will effectively communicate your personality or that of your business to anyone that views it.

WAMP is the name of the host that you’ll need locally in order to accomplish this. This could be referred to as our server local. WordPress lets you create, edit, and design your website however that you’d like. Although, the process of creating, designing the website, hosting it doesn’t mean it’s launched. It means the website has not been published yet and therefore isn’t searchable or accessible. If you’re patient and stay to the final part of the video then you’ll discover how your website is able to be posted on the internet.