How Implicit Bias Police Training Can Improve Community Interactions – 1938 News

Sometime, the police might treat black people differently than they do white people. This is an argumentable point however some people are unsure about it. The police must talk about the implicit biases and not only the person to put the blame on. In general, implicit bias occurs with no active criminal. This is why finger-pointing isn’t vital.

In this short video, Jennifer Eberhardt, the author of “Biased,” says that to eliminate implicit bias the police should not let their culture and brains get in the way of their decision-making. Jennifer as well as experts, leads police officers through implicit bias training for police officers.

Officers have to learn to talk with one another on implicit bias. One way to do this is by looking at statistics. There is a better likelihood of being struck than white targets, even when they’re holding guns or other innocuous objects that appear to be weapons. py11c1yjpm.