How to Choose Between Quartz or Granite Slab – Infomax Global

Artz countertops have been drawing people out for decades. This guide can assist you take the best decision should you’re facing similar situations. Being aware of the distinction between the two stone options is critical to settle this debate. It is a natural stone with a granite slab, crushed and polished to a fine polish. The product you receive is constructed out of quartz which is not completely pure. It’s combined with polymer resin.

Granite countertops guarantee a wide variety, and the chance of finding a match with another customer are limited. Quartz countertops come with the option of choosing a set of colors to choose from.

Quartz slabs can be designed to be more environmentally friendly than granite. Granite is a significant amount of transport to reach the cut.

Granite slab countertops should be kept clean to avoid stains and require a sealant to prolong their lifespan. However, quartz countertops are easy to maintain with just soap and water. For installation of one of these countertops, contact us now.