How to Clean Your Granite Kitchen Countertop – Family Issues

It is important to maintain granite countertops with special treatment. This video will show you how to thoroughly remove dirt from a granite counter.

Utilize abrasive cleaning products such as Windex or 409 for cleaning your home. These cleaners are highly acidic and can take off a layer of sealer each time you use the product. Your countertop will be more susceptible to staining , or scratches.

Don’t use any harsh cleaners that contain acid, such as lime or vinegar. You can use regular dish soap water and a soft kitchen towel. If you do this every throughout the day, you’ll be able to keep your granite countertop fresh and tidy for an extended duration.

To ensure that your stones look beautiful ensure that you use cutting boards and heat pads. Coasters can also be used, but they’re less common. Granite isn’t as sensitive as wood. It is also possible to use Isopropyl Alcohol mixed with water for a more thorough clean. Also, you can preserve the shine of your countertops by employing this method.

For more information on cleaning your granite, watch the video on the right.