How to Find the Right School for Your Child Public or Private School? – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

It’s possible that you’ll want to conduct some background research prior to making your final decision.

Andy is an elementary school teacher who discusses why public school was the best option for her kids. As a child she was a fan of public schools and wanted to allow her kids the same chance. No matter what the cost, it didn’t matter to her, as she understood that public school was the right choice. Additionally, she was interested in diversification in the classrooms of her sons as well.

Chelsea however is a private school mom who explains why private school was the most suitable option to send her child. The price didn’t influence her decision because she knew that private school would teach her daughter how to be a social person. Her daughter should also be raised with the same Catholic religion as she was.

Watch the remainder of the video to hear the advice of other moms on how to choose between public and private schools in Brampton for your kids. The choice is yours However, other mothers are able to provide advice to help you decide on the best private school to your family.