How to Select Your Granite Slab – Awkward Family Photos

From selecting natural granite slabs through to creation and their installation. The video explains how to go about the process of selecting your slab made of stone.

In the clip it is a marble slab depicted and the staining and engraving are talked about. It is recommended to keep the marble away from the sink in your kitchen, using it to create an island.

Also, it is possible to put porcelain around the perimeter of the stove and sinks, to block the marble from any liquids that stain the marble and could become a problem, or call in professionals to manage the staining as it occurs.

A different option is quartzite. Quartzite, in contrast to man-made quartzite, is an entirely natural stone. You will need to make sure you use the right sealer to protect it from scratches, similar to all natural stones. However, it looks beautiful and lasts a long time when well maintained.

Granite which happens to be much more durable than marble and quartzite It is a great addition. Also available are more dark colors. Go to the website to find out more.