Should You Get Blue Light or Computer Glasses? – Boston Equator

It is possible to reduce this strain. Computer glass and blue-light glasses are the two most popular options that can reduce strain on the eyes. This video will outline what the different kinds of glasses do and the differences between them.

Computer glasses work because they magnify your computer screen in order to lessen eye strain. These glasses are ideal for objects that are not more that 24 inches wide. They look like reading glasses. The reading glasses are specifically designed to give you greater sight. In contrast blue light glasses block out blue light that is produced by the computer screen. Blue light can cause eye strain. It can also slow down your production of the hormone melatonin, which could make it more difficult to sleep in the night. It is not necessary to decide between blue or computer glasses. Eye doctors from all over recommend purchase blue light blocking computer glasses. It is the best option to reduce eye strain. It’s also essential to make a 15-minute break each hour for switching on your distant-vision.