The Advantages of Online Bookmarking

When you think back to the days before the creation of online bookmark managers, it is quite amusing to think of the archaic way that we used to save our bookmarks. Fortunately, those days are long gone and we now can save bookmarks for books via online bookmark managers such as Delicious bookmarks, or even bookmarks in Chrome. Anyone who utilizes online bookmarks realizes how handy it is to organize bookmarks online, and being able to access them from any location and any computer.

Back in the day, when Microsoft ruled the universe, organizing and saving bookmarks for books was quite limited. Although it was easy and fast to save, organize, and access bookmarks on your PC, the problem was what to do if you found yourself working on another computer? Considering that your bookmarks for books were stored on your home computer, and not online, accessing them from another computer was simply not an option. Since people were used to this, it was not really considered a “problem” at the time, but just a fact of life. Now that we have the option to save our bookmarks for books online, we can look back on that time with humor, much like the thought of dial up connections might induce fits of uncontrollable laughter.

While online bookmarks offer considerable organizational benefits, they allow web users to do much more than simply save, organize, and access their bookmarks online. Social bookmarking allows web users to share their bookmarks via social media. All one needs to do is choose a social bookmarking website, save whatever webpages, articles, or photos that they desire, and share them with their friends via any of the more popular social media websites. While old school bookmarks were most valuable for personal reasons, the online social bookmarks of today have become popular not just for their organizational qualities, but for social purposes, as well.

If you have never tried social bookmarking, you have nothing to lose and all to gain. Unless you are some sort of hermit or Luddite, if you used the internet at all, online bookmarking will offer you considerable convenience. The bottom line is that online bookmarks are handy for anybody, even those cyber hermits who refuse to utilize social media.