Ultimate Guide to Power Connectors – Blog Author

You have seen only one or two of them since there are many of them that are suitable for use in the home or at school. However, you might be intrigued to learn about other connectors for power are there. There are a variety of power connectors available, from NEMA and IEC and includes C20 Power cords. They are typically employed in homes and offices as well as data centers.

IEC connectors may be used as either outlets or inlets. They use a numbering system. The outlets are represented using odd numbers. The inlets are represented using even numbers. It makes it easier to remember these numbers.

NEMA connectors are able to be utilized in a variety of ways. The 1-15 outlets are common in old homes and offices. They have 2 prong connections. On the other hand, the outlets with 5-15 are three prong connections found on walls that have been grounded. The 5-15 outlets look very similar, and they also feature three prong connections. But, the 5-20 outlets feature a horizontal blade that can handle higher amps.

To learn all about power connectors , and to find the ones that you might find in your home take a look at this video.