What Determines Cost on Jewelry Repairs? – Store 3A


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The price is determined by how many stones are enclosed by claws. Every claw is repairable should more than one be needed. Also, the material affects prices. For example, silver is the most inexpensive metal, followed by the platinum that is the most expensive. There are many instances. Larger diamonds are precious and scarcer than a lesser-known mineral.

It’s important to think about how serious the harm is. Regardless of how much materials are applied or repaired in the future, there is a lot of time invested into making the piece look brand new again. The greater wear and tear you put on your rings, the greater the cost.

Certain types of stones can stand up to the temperature needed for the repair of a metal, while others, such as opal and garnet, break or alter colour. It is important to remove the stones in order to protect from temperature, will add to the expense as well. The kind of damage could necessitate the use of certain equipment. It is added to the price estimate.