What Everyone Should Know About the Homeowners Insurance Claim Process – Insurance Claim Process

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Be prepared for police interactions

Police may call when your property was subject to investigation in a crime. They may ask you to provide a written statement or testify before the judge. Make sure you are prepared for the conversation. You must have all facts before you speak with the police. For example, if there was a fire that destroyed your home, but is the work of arsonists, you’ll need to be able to tell officers this when they come to investigate.

Some police departments may suggest that you call the homeowners insurance company of your choice to make an insurance claim.

Ask for help from a public Adjuster

If you’re having difficulty getting your insurance claim paid it’s possible hire a public adjuster. This is someone who represents customers in disputes with insurance companies. They are able to help negotiate with your insurance provider and ensure you receive your money back.

When you’re hiring a public adjuster, be sure to inquire regarding their credentials and previous prior experience. Also, it is important to know the schedule of payments. Public adjusters generally work on a contingent basis, which means they only be paid when they’re successful in settling your claim.

These tips will help you prepare for homeowner insurance claims. Insurance for homeowners can be an effective tool in helping in the aftermath of a disaster.