Facts about Online Bookmark Managers

Are you interested in online bookmarking? But first, what is online bookmarking? Online bookmarking, also known as social bookmarking, is the use of websites to store and save bookmarks. There are several features that good online bookmark manager sites should have.

First, they should have an easy to navigate system. If the site is not user friendly, it sort of negates the point of having the site. The online bookmark manager should also allow you to organize bookmarks by tags or have a search bar to help you out, since you will often end up having dozens or hundreds of bookmarks and scrolling through them all to find the relevant items would be tedious. Ideally, the site will have a lot of information to help out amateurs, including a FAQ, or frequently asked questions. Also look for sites that backup their information. You would not want to accumulate hundreds of free bookmarks only for the system to crash, and lose them all. Delicious bookmarks is one example of a bookmark site that provides all these features.

What do people use online bookmark managers for? Many things, actually. Some people appreciate being able to consolidate all their bookmarks in one place. You can take bookmarks from multiple browsers as well as multiple computers, so that if you have bookmarks at home and at work, they can come together in the same space. The advantage of online bookmarking is also that you can share your bookmarks with a lot of people. Like collecting cookie recipes? You can share these with other bookmarkers who share your interests.

Different online bookmark manager sites appeal to different people depending on their preferences. Some bookmark pages rely on images to help users sort through things, while others are more text based. Many popular websites that we use today are sometimes classified as social bookmarking tools since they primarily provide free links to other places online.