How To Put A Facebook Page Link On Your Website

Having a Facebook page link on your website is a great way in which to attract traffic to your Facebook page. Whenever you bookmark this page in this fashion, you’re creating a link that Facebook refer to as a badge. Whenever your website’s visitors click on your badge they will be able to view your Facebook information and bookmark page or add you to their friends list if they’re interested in doing so.

Now that you know why you may want to create a Facebook page link, you may be wondering how to make bookmarks like this from your website. To create a Facebook pag e link simply follow these steps:
1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to the Facebook Badges page.
2. Click on the link that says Profile Badge.
3. Now you’ll be prompted to choose whether you’re trying to create a link for Blogger, TypePad another website. If you’re not sure what you’re doing here, it won’t hurt to select other.
4. If you’ve selected other, then you’ll want to select and copy the code that is found within the text box. You’ll want to paste it into your web page’s source code in the location where you want your Facebook badge to appear.
5. If you’re working with Blogger or TypePad you’ll need to log in to your account there then whenever you’re prompted to do so you’ll be able to follow the instructions that you’re given so that you can post your Facebook page link to your blog.

With your knowledge of how to bookmark a page you’re all set to attract more people to your Facebook account. You can actually think of this in the same way as you’d have people use bookmarks for books. There are actually numerous reasons why you might choose to do this. Regardless of what you reason may be, at least now you know how a Facebook page link is created and how easy it is to do so.