Organize Your Favorite Web Pages with the Google Chrome Bookmarks!

There is so much valuable and interesting information available on the web. Sometimes people find it easy to get lost while surfing the web, as the opportunities to read and watch interesting content on the internet are seemingly endless. A great feature to keep tabs on pages that you would like to revisit in the future is the ability to bookmark pages online. If you are not sure how to utilize this feature, it is OK. Finding the bookmark feature in chrome is somewhat hidden. However, learning how to find the feature, and learning how to make bookmarks in order to save a webpage for future use is a very simple task.

Most web browsers have a bookmark function available to their users. However, this guide on how to make bookmarks will refer to only the Google Chrome web browser. Google Chrome is highly regarded as one the best browsers because of its simplicity, speed, security and protection from viruses and other malicious software. Using bookmarks in chrome allows you to organize bookmarks for all types of pages, including Facebook page links, YouTube video pages, and pretty much any other website with a valid web address or URL. Chrome is free, easy, and quick to install. Simply go to the Google home page and click on the “Download Google Chrome” box to start the installation process.

The first step when learning how to make bookmarks is to first open up and remain on the page that you wish to save as a bookmark. Once you have the desired page opened in Chrome, there is a drop-down menu located to the very top-right location of the browser. This drop-down menu looks like three short horizontal bars stacked on top of each other. The menu is located directly under the “x” button used to close the chrome window, and to the very right of the address (URL) bar that you use to enter a web address (URL). Simply click this menu button once and a drop down menu will appear. The fourth option in the menu is named “bookmarks,” hover your mouse cursor over the “bookmarks” option and another drop down menu will appear on the left. You will notice towards the middle of the new drop down menu, that a “bookmark this page” option is available. Click this option and just like that, your desired web page is saved for future reference.

To see the pages you have bookmarked, simply refer back to the drop down menu, hover your cursor over the “bookmarks” category, and your saved bookmarked pages will appear in the second drop-down menu that appears. If you have saved more than 10 pages as bookmarks, they will get sent to the “other bookmarks” folder, which located in the bottom of the “bookmarks” drop down menu. Bookmarking pages on chrome is free and is a perfect solution for organizing your favorite web sites that you visit frequently, or for saving web pages that you wish to re-visit in the future. Happy web browsing!