Want To Save Your Favorite Sites? Just Bookmark Them

Forget bookmarks for books! You want to bookmark this page. Despite their being so simple, some people do not know what a bookmark is, much less how to bookmark a page. Which is a shame, because they make navigation on the internet that much easier and quicker. So the next time someone mentions them to you, do not start talking about bookmarks for books and embarrass yourself, but talk to them about your bookmarks in Chrome instead.

The concept of bookmarking your favorite site can actually be compared to bookmarks for books, which is why they are called bookmarks in the first place. Just think about the internet as one big book. What do you use bookmarks for? To remember your place so you can quick navigate right to it without having to take the time to flip through hundreds of pages. Internet bookmarks work the same way.

When you find a page that you like a lot, that you plan on visiting on a regular basis, or that has some sort of content that you want to revisit at a later date, bookmarking it is the best way not to lose the location. It is as simple as a few clicks, or a drag and drop, and you are done.

Depending upon how conveniently located you want your bookmarks, you can have them slightly hidden away, or they can be open and ready on your bookmarks toolbar right beneath your search bar. In the Google Chrome web browser, all you need to do is click on the star at the far right of the search bar, and it drops down your options of where you would like to store the bookmark.

Or, you can simply grab the little icon on the far left of the search bar. If nothing is chosen by the specific site, the Chrome standard icon is a little white blank page. Grab that icon and drag it down to the bookmarks toolbar. This allows you to organize bookmarks any way that you want, simply by dragging them to their desired folders.

Make your online life easier. Start bookmarking your favorites so you never need to waste time, or struggle to find that cool site ever again. You will not know how you could have existed this long without having used bookmarks.