Use the Bookmark This Page Option

Bookmark this page. We often see that statement on many websites that we visit. And more often than not, we actually do save bookmarks to our favorite sites. Obviously, we know that web bookmarks are different that bookmarks for books. First of all, books usually only need one bookmark. On the web, we find ourselves with a lot of bookmarks. So as we go along following those bookmark this page instructions, we find we are looking at a long list of bookmarks.

It may be time to organize bookmarks, before we perform another bookmark this page option. We all pretty much know how to bookmark a page, but few of us really know how to organize bookmarks in Chrome or any other browser.

When you bookmark this page, your bookmark will usually end up in the bookmarks area of your browser. But did you know that most browsers will allow you to organize those bookmarks? You can organize your bookmarks into groups. So, you can put all your bookmarks about food and recipes into one folder. All your news sources can go into another. You can also organize them alphabetically. It is all up to you.

After you have organized your bookmarks, the next time you come across another bookmark this page option, you will be able to put that new bookmark into the proper bookmark folder.

Now that is perhaps the most basic way to organize your bookmarks. However, there are also online bookmark manager options. You can export your bookmarks that you found through the bookmark this page option to this online manager. The manager will then let you organize your bookmarks just like you did in your browsers. Now the great thing about this option is that you can share part or all of your bookmark list with others. Others who use the same service can share their lists with you as well. This is a great way to share information about shared interests.

Now the next time you click that bookmark this page button, you will know that you will be able to find that bookmark quickly. This of course will save a lot of time and frustration. And by being able to share your bookmarks, you can stay updated on your favorite sites.

So now bookmark this page!