Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Bookmarks Organized

Some people have no clue how to make bookmarks in their internet browser, and others save bookmarks for each and every page they visit as if the internet is a black hole and sites are perpetually at risk of disappearing into the depths. If you are at one end or the other of this spectrum then there is not much that I can do for you. However, if you are a moderate to heavy bookmark user then you have likely run into the issue of an unorganized bookmarks folder, not being able to find the site you are looking for, or worst case scenario, not being able to access your bookmarks when you need them most.

For some people, bookmarks are crucial tools in their businesses. For others, the issue at hand is simply keeping all of their favorite blogs organized by category. Over the years I have had to keep immaculate organization of my bookmarks both for work and for personal reasons. Personally, I have only used one of the two methods described below, but I am the kind of person that color codes their personal files at home. Therefore, even though I do not use a free bookmarks manager I want to share the method with those that are not in to extreme organization.

1. Use an online bookmark manager.

Free bookmarks manager software is available for most browsers. A free bookmarks manager system can be found as a software download, an add on, or an application which can be added to your internet browser. These systems vary in their capabilities and uses, but you can find some that allow you to take notes, sync across devices, share bookmarks, use a tag system, and backup your bookmarks.

2. Use the built in system your internet browser has in place.

Each internet browser will have slightly different steps to follow for how to bookmark a page. Therefore, what follows is a general guide to working with whatever system your browser uses. I would suggest that you always use a folder system, whether it lives on your bookmarks toolbar, or underneath the browser bookmark tab or section. Choose clear names for your folders, and create sub folders only when absolutely necessary. The less folders you have to search through, the easier it will be to find your bookmarks.

Whichever method you choose to organize bookmarks, remember that it is an ongoing process. Periodically set aside time to cull out any old, irrelevant, or broken bookmarks, and rename or reorganize folders if necessary.